Bed Sizes and Measurement

Many people are unsure about their bed sizes and there are easily hundreds of different sizes of beds available. Little wonder, since there are mattresses, beds and beddings makers all over, and they often have their own naming conventions. To get sheets that fit your bed properly, you need to know how to measure your bed.

How to Measure Your Bed

In general, bed sizes are referred to by the mattress they take and not the actual dimensions of the bed frame. So let’s get to mattress sizing…

  • First, measure the Width of the mattress.
  • Then, measure the Length of the mattress.
  • Finally, measure the Depth of the mattress.

It is worth mentioning that mattresses now come in a range of thickness. So, measuring the Depth of the bed is particularly important, especially when ordering a Fitted Sheet. Conventionally, mattresses are a standard depth (thickness) of 8” (20cm). These days, 10” (26cm), 12” (30cm) and even 14” (35cm) are pretty commonplace. In purchasing a bed sheet or a bedding set, it pays to have your WLD at ready.

Luxe Linen Bed Sizes/Measurements Include:

Bearing in mind that there are countless sizes of beds and mattresses available in the market, Luxe Linen stock the following sizes:

  • Single (3ft x 6ft)
  • Double (4.5ft x 6ft)
  • King ( 6ft x 6ft)
  • Super King (6ft x 7ft)